2nd-4th Grade Session
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5th-9th Grade Session
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Coach MacKenzie and Coach Baxter lead all camps and clinics, along with staff counselors and skills trainers that are highly qualified, professional, and full of basketball knowledge! The instruction offered at RESULTS Basketball camps has a wide range, as we accomodate beginners through the most advanced hoopers in the state! 

            SKILL STATIONS! 

Skill stations are a staple at RESULTS Basketball events! Players are split into age & ability based groups, and then rotate amongst several "learning zones" to focus on skills and concepts such as ball handling, moving without the ball to create open shots, 


RESULTS Basketball events feature various skills contests, giving players the opportunity to showcase their abilities in a competitive setting vs. their peers!  And yes...we have some pretty cool RESULTS "swag" for our contest winners! 



Players attending RESULTS events have the opportunity to compete against each other through instructional 2 on 2, 3 on 3, and 5 on 5 game play! These games are for the sake of utilizing skills they have learned, as well as to give players the chance to implement offensive and defensive strategies that have been taught each day. 

            GUEST LECTURES


In addition to the teaching and coaching that players will receive from RESULTS' directors and their staff, guest speakers are often times welcomed to events in different parts of the state. These lectures offer our players a very unique perspective and learning experience. Guests range from veteran high school and college coaches to current or former professional basketball players that our staff has developed connections with.